quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2009

13 Reasons To Date A Radiographer

1. We do our best work in the dark

2. We can see through your clothes

3. We know all the positions

4. We are well developed

5. The chemistry is always right

6. We know what buttons to push

7. We have all the right techniques

8. We know how to warm up a tube

9. We know how to get the best penetration

10. When you need it now, we make it wet.

11. Human anatomy is common knowledge.

12. We do it on the table and sometimes we slip it in the bucky.

13. Radiation physics: Hard Beam + Tight Collimation = Adequate penetration

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susana catarino disse...

ah ah ah inda me estou a rir... deves ter a mania;)